Wormwood Crew


Barnabas Harrigan : Captain : Ruthless to enemies
Mr. Plugg : 1st Mate : Doesn’t like us, Vain, Ambitious
Master Scourge : Boatswain/Master-at-Arms : Toadie of Harrigan
Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop : Cook : Indentured to Cpt. Harrigan, Good Pirate, Drinks Alot, likes us
Cut-Throat Grok : Quartermaster : Friendly with Sazen and D’Vinn
Peppery Longfarthing : Human Female Sorcerer : Sailmaster, regards crew as she would spell components. Has some really nice stuff. Friendly due to recent help with a ritual.
Riaris Krine : Master Gunner : Ugly human female with a mean punch.
Habbly Quarne : Carpenter/Surgeon : Has magical tools, your basic pirate, doesn’t respect the PCs.
Kipper : Gunner’s Mate :
Path Patchsalt : Boatswain’s Mate :
“Caulky” Tarroon : Captains Cabin Girl :


Sandara Quinn : Genuinly wants to help the PCs, has her eye on Brukka
Rosie Cusswell : Recently press-ganged. Sazen returned her fiddle to her. Secretly admires Conchobhar’s style.
“Cog” Cogward : Recently press-ganged. Douchebag. Very friendly with PCs, esp. Cogward.
Conchobhar Turlach Shortstone : Recently press-ganged. Gnome male. Likes to chase women and dream about his future as a great pirate. Knows more than he lets on.
Barefoot Samms Toppin : Recently press-ganged. Rigger, Human female. Friends w/ Frank
Giffer Tibbs : Recently press-ganged. Gnome, missing an eye due to poor work from the ship’s doctor.
Jack Scrimshaw : Recently press-ganged. Swab, young man skilled at scrimshaw.
“Ratline” Rattsberger : Recently press-ganged. Rigger, Halfling male, arm-wrestler. Rat-faced and missing 3 fingers. Might be a fisherman. Was press-ganged onto the Wormwood while sleeping under the docks. Friends w/ Frank
Tilly Brackett : Recently press-ganged. Human female swab
“Badger” Medlar : older woman who shaves grey hair into stripes. Good friends with party
Shivikah : Ex-slaver. Ex-Scourge’s friend. Currently helpful to us.
Aretta Bansion : Scourge’s group.
Fipps Chumlett : Scourge’s group. Tried to knife D’Vinn after getting beat by him and Cogward.
Jaundiced Jape : Has a peg leg. Doesn’t like Frank.
Maheem : From the athiest nation. Part of Scourge’s gang.
Slippery Syl Lonegan : Got beat up by D’Vinn and Cogward
Tam “Narwhal” Tate ): Male dwarf, rigger, saved by the party. Good friends with Frank.
Jakes Magpie : Scourge’s group.
Owlbear Hartshorn : Friends with Sazen. Took a beating from Bruka.

Wormwood Crew

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