Communal Loot


Coins 2 sp

Useful Items
Adamantine Battleaxe (3010 gp)
Leather Armor (+2 armor) (4160 gp)
Oil of Light (cr, 25 gp)
Scroll of Message (cr, 12 gp 5 sp)
Ring of improved swimming
Ring of improved climbing.
2 Potion of Water Breathing
1 potion of neutralize poison
1 elixir of tumbling
1 elixir of hiding
1 elixir of vision
1 oil of magic weapon
1 potion of lesser restoration
2 elixirs of fire breath
2 potion of heroism
1 Shackles of Compliance
4 Elixir of Swimming
1 elixir of fire breath
1 elixir of love
1 elixir of swimming
1 potion of cure serious wounds
1 potion of water breathing
liquid ice* (3), tanglefoot bags (5), thunderstones (3), tindertwigs (5);
Poison Sea Urchin Spine Needle
a watertight scroll tube
1 Scroll of transmute rock to mud and
1 Scroll of Knock
1 Scroll of Wall of Force
3 Scroll of Water Breathing
1 scroll of control water
1 scroll of displacement
1 Scroll of divination
1 scroll of gaseous form
1 Crude Alchemist Lab
1 Shackles Ensign
1 Vikarla’s Spellbook
1 Sheet Music of Chellish Opera written in Infernal
1 Waterproof Bag
2 fan feather tokens
1 feather token (swan boat)

Misc Items
remains of dragons?
cyclopean demilich skull, slightly used
A crystalline case containing a collection of six ampoules filled with blood samples from Azlanti kings worth 3,000 gp.
Head in Alcohol with Kraken tattoo and teeth broken out
Wooden False Teeth
1 Huge chipped tooth from colossal [sea-monster] with seaweed cavity
3 Wax Sealed Clay Containers containing ashes of former captains
8 doses of oil of taggit in corked dark green bottle
1 dose of dark reaver powder
1 Boatswain’s Call
1 Parascope
3 Spyglass

alchemist’s kit
tindertwigs (3)
keys to all locks in the apothecary
formula book(contains all prepared extracts plus
alchemical allocation*, alter self, discern
lies, dragon’s breath*, invisibility, keen
senses*, perceive clues*, shield, spider
climb, undetectable alignment, and water
disguise kit

Among the papers on
the table are writing equipment and a large vial holding 4
uses of superior invisible ink (Adventurer’s Armory 10), along
with a smaller vial of the triggering substance that reveals
this particular ink.

and spellbook,
which contains all of his prepared spells, and all 0-level
spells, plus additional spells of your choice from 1st
to 5th level with feeblemind, nightmare, phantasmal killer, shadow evocation; arcane eye, bestow curse, enervation, major image, shadow conjuration; deep slumber, dispel magic, dust of twilight, ray of exhaustion, vampiric touch

Dead dark skinned wizard’s journal written in some sort of cyplopean code

masterwork artisan’s tools, everburning torch, spellbook (contains all prepared spells, all 0-level spells, alarm, plus four additional 1st-level spells), spell component pouch, key to area B26

1 infamy
1 disrepute

Your title here…+2 leather armor, +2 short sword, masterwork hand crossbow with 10 bolts, masterwork dagger, spellbook (contains all prepared spells, all 0-level spells, plus 1d8 additional spells of 1st through 4th level), spell component pouch, thieves’ tools, 43 gp

+1 light mace, chime of opening, handy haversack, ring of jumping, alchemist’s kit*, formula book (contains all prepared extracts plus additional 1st- through 5th-level extracts of your choice), portable alchemist’s lab* (in area B33), thieves’ tools

Silver Raven Figurine of Wondrous Power

Rod of metamagic silent, goggles of night, robe of blending, gem studded armbands of elysian bronze 363gp,

potions of barkskin 4, potions of cat’s grace (2), potions of invisibility (2); Other Gear howling skull armor (3 studded leather; see page 60), +2 light steel shield, +3 short sword, +1 returning handaxe, belt of mighty constitution +4, cloak of resistance +3, glove of storing, mariner’s eye patch (see page 60), bag of holding (type IV), Chelish invasion plans (kept in bag of holding), key ring

a rod of splendor incorporated into a harness for use as a peg leg, a mithral masterwork cutlass with a gem-studded ivory hilt worth 7,000 gp, a darkwood ship’s wheel bearing carvings of wrestling sahuagin and mermaids worth 4,500 gp, and a skull with a jaw full of gold teeth, each carved with a different demonic rune—this is the skull of a notorious pirate named Wretched Baxus whose fate has, until now, remained unknown. The skull is worth 2,500 gp. In addition, a drawer in Harrigan’s nightstand contains six potions of lesser restoration, three potions of remove disease, and a potion of cure serious wounds.

The six crystal decanters in the bar are worth 250 gp each, but the collection of fine alcohol is much more valuable. In all, there are two dozen unopened bottles, each worth 500 gp.
6,500 gp.
+2 chain shirt, +1 kukri, +1 scimitar, belt of giant strength +2, ring of protection +1, keys to areas D5 and E5, 78 gp
There are eight footlockers in this room, each containing a small stash of assorted coins, gems, and jewelry worth 500 gp.
The dagger is a masterwork dagger fitted with garnets and amethysts, worth 800 gp.

Communal Loot

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