Skull and Shackarrs

Adventure Log - 11/15

The party finds a couple of teleportation circles but decides to wait to investigate them. The party finds a magically dark room with an extra illusion spell and Sazen manages to dispel both of them. The party timidly argues whether anyone should check it out, then Brukka grapples Zane and throws him into the room. Zane is shocked and left a little confused thinking of how to even respond (he feels assault and as though his autonomy was violated -author’s note). Brukka finds some ancient incense and decides to smoke it, which blinds him and makes him realize the wall ahead is fake. Brukka walks through the wall discovering the Dreamstone of Sumitha radiating evil negative-level energy. Brukka is attacked by two giant undead cyclopses and killed. Sazen flies up and tries to help. Zane, forced out of his confusion to act, runs over to Taz’dingo and tries to call Sazen down. Before Sazen can act however an undead cyclops runs over to attack, so Zane teleports to Port Peril and Taz’dingo chooses to join not knowing where they are teleporting to. Sazen tries to grab the Dream Crystal and escape with it but is absorbed into the crystal.

Taz’Dingo and Zane argue in Port Peril and Taz’Dingo goes off to see Tessa Fairwind while Zane gets a night’s sleep. Taz’Dingo convinces Tessa to have him teleported back to the ship to help the captain. In the morning while the crew is preparing, Zane teleports to the ship while invisible and tries to ascertain if he will be accepted back. Kroop makes what Zane perceives to be a threat, so he casts a weak spell on Kroop to set an example of him and try to intimidate the crew into following him instead. Things go south and Zane ends up teleporting away. [Zane becomes an NPC —DM]

Taz’Dingo and the crew go to rescue Captain Brukka. They manage to deal with the undead cyclopses, however Taz’Dingo is also pulled into the crystal. Rosie Cusswell manages to approach without dying and shatter the crystal. Brukka tries to fight his own fate because Brukka.



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