Skull and Shackarrs

Adventure Log - 8/30

Brukka is awarded the deed to the Isle of Empty Isles and challenged with the task of taming it in 4 months to prove he deserves a seat on the pirate council. The party is introduced to Irontoe, a rocky looking bartender druid who accepts a position as the new ship’s cook.

After the celebration party, the Dragon’s Hoard decides to engage in some good ol’ fashioned piracy. First they attack an old ship carrying ore, but they immediately surrender after recognizing Captain Brukka and being terrified of Raest breaking the back of one of his own crew. The crew loots 5 points of plunder. After that the crew finds another ship of much higher quality but it gets away.

Eventually the crew finds a ship that looks to be adrift with a dead body laid out in the center. The ship is blindingly magical and covered in loot. It appears to be a burial ship to honor the dead that served in Mendev. Zane flies out and tries to pick up a magic rapier, but the sail of the ship releases a blinding flash of light and declares the transgressing pirates must be punished. The crew is suddenly assaulted by hound archons and greater flying archons. Brukka and Sazen are knocked unconscious. Zane flies around invisible burning things since they’re immune to his electricity. Irontoe whacks things as a stegosaurus then turns into a happy hippopotamus to whack things. Raest is killed, and the crew places him on the burial ship which (after being looted) floats up to heaven, hopefully sneaking Raest in such that whatever God rewarded the dead didn’t notice.



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