Skull and Shackarrs

Adventure Log - 10/11

Days Remaining: 80
Pteradon Age in Days: 4

Fipps swaps a hit die for a ranger level after Taz’Dingo teaches him about raising a pteranodon.

Taz’Dingo manages to successfully ride a pteranodon and then leads the party to the pteranodon nest. The party picks up a magic ring from a corpse their and a pteranodon egg which Taz’Dingo starts raising.

Sazen and Zane roast a 60 ft long snake and bring its corpse back to the ship. Sazen has the idea of mounting its enormous skull as a trophy.

The party heads down to the shipwreck to explore and finds a lockbox with loot in it without meeting any resistance.

Sazen, Zane, and Taz’Dingo find some triceratops around a corral which attack Taz’Dingo. Taz’Dingo manages to distract the dinos with some hyenas. Zane begins his aerial bombardment causing them to flee into the forest, so Zane and Sazen give chase. Zane runs head first into three cyclops harpies whose singing entrances him. He approaches in a stupor, but Sazen casts deafness on Zane snapping him out of his enchantment. Zane is struck and grappled, but he casts a lightning fireball to 720ft out and teleports through it and under the tree line (into an explosion of wood shrapnel). The harpies chase Sazen but with the help of Haste and Blessing of Fervor she manages to outpace them back to the ship. The party meets back up at the ship, but Zane has permanent deafness.



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