Recruiting Crew


A pirate ship needs a crew, and nothing helps influence potential recruits like infamy. To recruit, make a Bluff, Diplomacy, or Intimidate check, and add half the crew’s Infamy to the result. The DC is 20 and lets you recruit 1d6 potential crewmen. Every 5 points of margin on the roll recruits an additional d6 crew. The maximum number of crew that can be recruited in any one port is given in the community table, above.

There are numerous other modifiers to the recruiting roll, depending on the captain’s requirement.

Condition Modifier
Special requirement, such as race (Other than human), gender, religion, and so on -5
PC class crew -5
Trained crew (level 2) -5
Veteran crew (level 5) -10
Elite Crew (level 10) -20

Crew can never be higher level than half the captain’s level, or the captain’s level -5, whichever is higher.

Recruiting Crew

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