Isle of Empty Eyes

Pirate Lord Captain Bruka has won ownership of the Isle of Empty Eyes. Now he must wrest control from the inhabitants. Some number of days remain until the scheduled visit of the rest of the pirate council to judge the worthiness of Bruka’s mastery of the island.

The Fort

Felix and crew are in the process of repairing the fort now that materials and labor have been delivered.


Lady Smithee, her guards and household have been relocated to the fort. Lady Smithee has agreed to serve as overseer of the fort.
Audessa & company have been hired on as servants and entertainers at a rate of 500g per year plus 500 at the year’s end if the crew votes that they deserve the pay.
19 townies.


4 light ballistae with 10 bolts each (3d8/19–20)
2 light catapults with 15 stones each (4d6)


Chapel hallowed to Besmara
Statue garden featuring coral statues of a colossal demonic cyclopean harpy, a colossal dire shark, and a giant snake’s head.

Party preparations

5 plunder points of fine rum from Aronox Endemeon’s shipment
5,000g worth of feast & party supplies

Cap’n’s TODO list:

  • Hire an acolyte for the chapel to Besmara
  • Obtain wedding dress (for Sandara) and cake
  • Consult Pegsworthy and Tessa Fairwind about overthrowing the Hurricane King
  • Follow up with Vela for the flying ship in two weeks
  • Cure insanity X3
  • Resupply Jester’s Grin with more siege eqipment
  • Fix up the teleportation circle to point to Port Peril (11,500g for the spell, should designate a spot in port peril)


84 days to go – Set sail from Port Peril.
78 days to go – Explored the northern cove. Established a beachhead and begun repairs on the doc there. Discovered a stone bridge and an ancient cyclops village of Sumitha. Seren’s lost sister was rescued from the cyclops dungeon. Zane and Bruka encountered the insides of a man-eating ceiling monster. Zane and Sazen explored the surroundings further and battled two palm treants.
77 days to go – Zane and friends meet Seraphina, a very naked water nymph. Bruka, Taz’Dingo and Sazen eat a giant seaweed monster with the help of some crab friends. As punishment for skipping out on his duties, Zane helps Felix complete the masterwork giant-size pier on the northern lagoon.
76 days to go Scouted Sumitha. Talked with Istareth, the huge leader of the cyclopes. He spoke of the witch coven, the Daughters of Emerta. There were two previous human settlements, both of which the cyclopes wiped out when the humans became greedy. There is a merrit (a water genie) named Vailea trapped in the pool in Sumitha. The crew offered a feast to the starving cyclopes to gain their trust.
75 days to go Pteradon & harpy adventure. Made a feast for cyclopes with only minimal loss of crew. Fought an octopus, which also ate another couple crew. Breached the fort and started clearing buildings. Encountered invisible spiders and got kidnapped (except Taz’Dingo!)
74 days to go Made a deal with the spider-lady to retrieve “the crystal” we’ve been seeing in our dreams. Went back to the ship to rest.

Isle of Empty Eyes

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