Gunnery-Crew Advancement

The gunnery crew are constructed by [Mike] however [Mike] will use the standard point buy for them (15 points). If you wish to differentiate any of them they require names and to be listed separate on Obsidian portal. You may assume they have one-third the amount of equipment as a character would have:

Gunnery Crew Level by PC Average Level
PC Level – Gunnery Crew Level
The first level of each Gunnery Crew must be Warrior

5 – 2
6 – 2
7 – 3
8 – 3

Gunnery Crew Equipment Wealth by Crew Level
2 – 390 gp
3 – 780 gp
4 – 1650 gp
5 – 2400 gp

Gunnery Crew Magical Consumables by Crew Level
2 – None
3 – Potion of Cure Light Wounds
4 – Potion of Cure Light Wounds
5 – Potion of Cure Medium Wounds

Notes about the Gunnery Crew:
They are not cohorts, they are not followers, they do not follow the rules, expectations, and limitations of any such granted through the Leadership feat. They are individuals with their own opinions and motivations: they are not to be assumed to be perfectly loyal.

If you’re feeling ambitious, here are the NPC creation rules:

Gunnery-Crew Advancement

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