Module 1 -

Frank was brutally murdered in a staged accident by Plugg’s cronies.

Serin comes within 2hp of being killed by a falling portcullis trap and is knocked unconscious by acid spit several hours later.

Brukka is nearly eaten by lacedons while trying to save bound colleagues from drowning.

Sandara and Samms are nearly eaten by lacedons but are saved by the tasty intervention of Brukka and Serin.

D’vinn is almost murdered by Serin for being a goddamn pain in the ass tail.

Module 2 -

Maheem is hit by a catapult attack during the capture of the True Win.

Brukka is almost killed by D’vinn, which led to D’vinn almost being killed by Sandara, which led to Sandara almost being killed by D’vinn’s cronies.

Raest has the breath (and almost the life) sucked out of him by by a cursed undead whaling captain.

Several crew members die during a vine-creature attack in Mancatcher cove and again from siege weapon fire from the Thresher.

Bruka is nearly killed by a monstrous sahaugin chieftain after being partially transformed into coral.

Serin is nearly killed by a mysterious undead captain in a crypt the crew found in the sahuagin’s cave.


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