Crew of the Man's Promise

The original crew of the Man’s Promise achieved sudden career path adjustment when Capt. Harrigan of the Wormwood offered them the chance to join his pirate crew or perish.

Total crew: 100 (32 on the Jester’s Grin)


Bruka : Captain Thickarms, Pirate lord of the Isle of Empty Eyes
Sazen : Navigator
Irontoe : Doctor : Former bartender, current stone wall
Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop : First Mate : Good Pirate, likes us, no longer drunk, ready to Rumba
Felix Hammerhands : Carpenter : Has a fancy hammer and large shield, as well as specialized under water gear.
Jack Scrimshaw : ASSISTANT Carpenter : Recently press-ganged. Swab, young man skilled at scrimshaw.
Rosie Cusswell : Boatswain : Recently press-ganged. Sazen returned her fiddle to her. Secretly admires Conchobhar’s style.
Conchobhar Turlach Shortstone : Quartermaster : Gnome male. Likes to chase women and dream about his future as a great pirate. Knows more than he lets on. Douchebag.
Taz’Dingo : Cook: Ship’s Naturemancer
Snap : Gunner : Gunnery crewman promoted to master gunner.
Nethia Layil: Master of arms : short for an elf but well-muscled, she has a name for each blade in her collection and she’s happiest when she’s stabbing things.

“Cog” Cogward : Captain : Very friendly with PCs, esp. D’Vinn.

Snakeface : NOT a member of the crew!
Giffer Tibbs : Recently press-ganged. Gnome, missing an eye due to poor work from the ship’s doctor.
“Badger” Medlar : older woman who shaves grey hair into stripes. Good friends with party
Shivikah : Ex-slaver. Ex-Scourge’s friend. Currently helpful to us.
Aretta Bansion : Scourge’s group.
Fipps Chumlett : Scourge’s group. Tried to knife D’Vinn after getting beat by him and Cogward.
Jaundiced Jape : Has a peg leg. Doesn’t like Frank.
Slippery Syl Lonegan : Got beat up by D’Vinn and Cogward
Tam “Narwhal” Tate ): Male dwarf, rigger, saved by the party. Good friends with Frank.
Jakes Magpie : Scourge’s group.
Owlbear Hartshorn : Friends with Sazen. Took a beating from Bruka.
Hitch : The boring one. Not the best pirate.
Dawn ‘Gods be Damned’ Kines : The Swarthy One. The best pirate ever.

New Recruits:

Aratta and Jaum Hamon: older gnome couple looking for one last adventure. Jaum takes pride in his sailor skills, calling himself the fastest climber in the shackles, and enjoys friendly competition. Aratta, after a lifetime of traveling, is a talented linguist and is glad to recite stories of her adventures with only a minor amount of embellishment.

Nama: Quiet dwarf girl who talks to fish. No one knows if the fish actually listen to her.

The Gang of Eight: Fighter lvl 4, Thief lvl 3. Eight guards from the Jasperleaf apothecary in Port Peril.

+3 level 5 Besmaran crew

+2 yet to be named

Ichi: Monk lvl 5
Ni: Monk lvl 5
San: Druid lvl 5
Shi: Druid lvl 5
Go: Bard lvl 5

Unnamed crew:



Cartographer – 3g / day. Started with 3 months 84 days to the visit of the lords.
4 Builders 3s / day.
Master Mason 3g / day.

Former crew:

Maheem DECEASED: From Thuvia. Part of Scourge’s gang. Died taking the True Win.
Goren Razak DESERTED: half-orc who regrets atrocities he committed as a mercenary and seeks a worthy way to die, but keeps getting wrapped up in the adventure rather than dying.
Barefoot Samms Toppin DESERTED: Recently press-ganged. Rigger, Human female. Friends w/ Frank
Serin ESCAPED: Navigator
D’vinn ESCAPED : Gunner
Sandara Quinn DESERTED: First Mate : Genuinly wants to help the PCs, has her eye on Bruka
Raest DECEASED: Master At Arms
Zane Arcbrand : ESCAPED: Gunner : Infamous lightning pirate

Crew of the Man's Promise

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