Skull and Shackarrs

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Our location

We are probably somewhere west of the mwangi expanse, probably trying to intercept a trade ship.

Adventure Log - 7/21

D’vinn performed an arcane ritual with Peppery which produced a strange seaweed-etched locket and a great deal of appreciation from Peppery. Serin Shorehunter, a Merfolk Wave Warden, joined the crew with a warning from Peppery that he and D’vinn were linked by the locket.

Frank hosted a party on the upper deck. A fight broke out with some uninvited guests and D’vinn shot an unfriendly pirate. The captain sentenced him to keelhauling. Serin secretly swam under the ship with him and saved his life.

Frank was tasked with bilge duty with Jaundice Jape and Fipps. After being stripped of his weapons, Frank was slain by Jaundice and Fipps who were both armed with daggers. It appears Scourge planned this.

The Wormwood attacked a trading vessel. The party, with Conchobhar replacing Frank, boarded the ship and succeeded in their assigned mission to prevent anyone from reaching the lifeboats. Serin also warned the captain of an enemy sailor attempting to attack him from behind. The party personally managed to capture several minor sailors and one officer alive.

Adventure Log - 7/24

After taking the Man’s Promise the Wormwood celebrates with a large party. Captain Harrigan welcomes most of the crew of the Man’s Promise to their new life of piracy and throws one poor unwilling sailor to the sharks. A skeleton crew is selected to handle the Man’s Promise by Mr. Plugg (see wiki).

During the party, D’vinn steals from the quartermaster, Serin unsuccessfully tries to keep D’vinn out of trouble, Sazen steals from the deceased Tilly, Brukka enjoys some hog tossing, and Raest tries to make friends.

The celebration ends and the Man’s Promise sets sail. Mr. Plugg works the crew raw every day. Raest attends Mr. Plugg’s secret meeting and learns of Mr. Plugg’s plan to steal the ship and sail against Captain Harrigan’s standing orders. The party attempts to come up with a plan for mutiny.

Raest and Brukka put on a wrestling show for the crew. After some convincing by the party, Serin manages to get the two Rahadoumi sailors to promise their allegiance, but he is left unconvinced of their motives. Serin also falls overboard during a storm but manages to swim back onto the ship.

During the storm the ship is attacked by 6 grindylow. Raest smashes one flat and is almost knocked overboard, but Serin helps pull him back up. D’vinn incinerates most of the surviving grindylow. Sandara and Barefoot Sam go missing during the fight.

Adventure Log - 7/26

After the disappearance of Sandara and Barefoot Samms the Man’s Promise beaches on a small deserted island. The party is ordered by Mr. Plugg to find food and fresh water in under 36 hours. The party scouts the area, kills some crabs near some coconut trees on the beach, and [walk past] a corn field.

The party ventures up a path to an overgrown and apparently abandoned stockade. A couple of creepers attempt an ambush but are easily dispatched. Inside the structure within the stockade the party is attacked by a swarm of insects and an undead. The group just barely survives with some creative tactics.

Next the party finds a sea cave near an underwater shipwreck and ventures in to look for Sandara and Samms. They dispatch a group of large insects and navigate a dangerous underwater tunnel to find a branching path with access to air. The party starts to clear a group of hook traps but are ambushed by a large group of grendylow. The grendylow fall with a small expenditure of effort. It is now early evening, and approximately 12 hours have passed.

Adventure Log - 8/1

After looting the cavern, Serin attempts to scout ahead and is almost killed by a falling porticulus trap. The party decides to retreat from the cave and explore the nearby cornfield. An ankheg ambushes the group. Brukka heroically grapples it but several members of the party are hit with acid, knocking Serin unconscious. Raest finishes the ankheg off and the party retreats to rest.

After resting the group returns to the sea cave. A devilfish grabs Serin but Raest knocks its head clear out of the cave. Further in the party finds Sandara and Barefoot Samms hanging over the grindylow’s leader, the Brinebrood Queen. The queen cuts their suspension and the prisoners begin drowning. Brukka also nearly drowns and is almost eaten by ghouls while Serin saves the prisoners. With teamwork and a few close calls the queen and her giant grindylow minion are defeated. Sandara gleefully rewards Brukka while the heroes loot the rest of the grinylows’ lair.

In summary, the party keeps banging their heads against a brick wall and critting it.

Adventure Log - 8/7

The party decides to explore the sunken ship off the coast from the sea caves. From inside the ship the party battles a young giant moray eel but it is easily dispatched. The ship had already mostly been looted and there is little of interest to find.

After spending some time discussing a strategy for dealing with Plugg the party decides to return to the ship with the food and water. Unfortunately for the party’s master plan, Plugg decides now is the time to try to force the party to remain behind on the deserted island. Ambrose rushes up from below the ship with the party’s friends to challenge Plugg’s smaller group of loyal crew. A fight breaks out (perhaps because of a certain unnamed dwarf who feels compelled to shout at everything) but Plugg and Scourge are slain quickly. The rest of the Scourge loyalists surrender and are tied up.

Ambrose begins a vote to elect a new captain. Brukka and Conchabar volunteer and D’vinn nominates Ambrose. After some deliberation and speeches the votes are tallied and Brukka is declared the winner.

Adventure Log - 8/9

The Man’s Promise docks at Rickety Squibb’s and agrees to purchase an overhaul for the ship’s appearance and a broad rudder. The job is estimated to take 8 days.

Day 1: The crew manages to convince 11 gullib… er, adventurous sailors to join the crew.
Day 2: The officers subdue a naga that had been driven crazy by the heat and set it free peacefully.
Day 3: The officers unsuccessfully attempt to earn more recruits. D’vinn tries to break into a store but fails.
Day 4: The party decides to go hunting. A leopard attacks but is scared off, Serin fails to impress a parrot, and at the end of the day the crew is served a boar feast.
Day 5: Serin carouses for and earns 1 infamy/disrepute.
Day 6: At the start of the day, something terrible is heard in the jungle…

Adventure Log - 8/23

The party is attacked by giant wasps. The two attacking the officers are easily killed. Two more attack a crewmate and begin carrying him off. The party manage to kill the last wasp as it flies off, but unfortunately the victim falls to his death. A group of pirates land after apparently missing the “don’t land here signal” and Captain Brukka decides to let them leave in peace. In gratitude, the free captain offers to christen the almost-retrofitted ship for good luck.

Rickety Squibbs suggests the party check on the lookout since apparently the signal was not given. The party is attacked by two boars on the way to the lighthouse and dispatch them easily. At the lighthouse the party finds the corpse of the lookout killed by a wasp and his fancy morningstar. Rickety Squibbs is grateful to have the body returned. On the final day, the crew boasts of their greatness and Serin befriends a saltwater crocodile.

The ship’s repair is finished and the newly christened Dragon’s Hoard sets sail for plunder. The party finds a small fishing vessel and successfully catches it for boarding. The crew of the Elton Baide, including the captain Vesgal Falkirk, surrender with no resistance. The captain and his bodyguard refuse to be pirates but the rest of the crew seem more amenable to joining. Captain Brukka decidedes to keep Vesgal as a prisoner temporarily to see if he can be convinced to join.

Adventure Log - 9/11

The crew discovers the Elten Baide is missing and finds a large bloodstain on the deck of the Man’s Promise. Serin voluntarily confesses he was magically compelled to help something that looked like Conchibar kill Vesgal and use his life’s energy to sail the Elten Baide away without a crew. Sazen at least partially confirms Serin’s story by detecting traces of necromantic magic around the bloodstain. Crupes however is concerned Serin may still be enthralled and convinces Captain Brukka to termporarily confine Serin to quarters.

The Man’s Promise continues its hunt for prey south of the Shackles and finds another sailing ship to attack. The crew manage to catch and board the ship taking only light damage from the other ship’s catapult. The officers of the Man’s Promise manage to defeat the enemy officers with little effort and force the crew to surrender.

The hunt for easy prey continues. The party spots smoke in the distance and decides to investigate. A small pirate ship is being burned by a small Chellish pirate hunter naval vessel. The Man’s Promise sails up with the sun at her back and manage to take the naval ship by surprise. The party manages to take the Captain of the vessel after defeating a small group of marines. The crew of the pirate ship joins the Man’s Promise and the Captain is taken for ransom, but the rest of the marines that were on the burning ship during the surprise attack are permitted to sail off.


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