Skull and Shackarrs


The group decides to hire a cartographer and some carpenters to take to their new island. The trip goes smoothly and the crew docks at the north bay. Tazdingo decides to look around underwater and leads some huge shark eating crabs back to the crew that the officers have to kill (thanks, Guk). Afterwards the officers strike out into the wilderness. They find one statue which does NOT have empty eyes but instead giant jewels for eyes, but the officers decide to leave it be and return later. They continue into a pavilion in a valley with some ruins when they are ambushed by cyclopses! Zane was caught into a net trap while invisible which confused the cyclopses greatly. Brukka fried all the cyclopses with his ball lightning while Zane silently and invisibly assisted with the minor details of actually casting the spell. Continuing on, Zane once again scouted ahead while invisible and was almost killed by a giant ceiling mimic. Brukka tried to help and was also also almost killed, but he somehow teleported away to the ship which confused the crew and officers. Sazen saved the day.

Days Remaining: 86

Adventure Log - 9/13

The crew continues their pirate raiding and runs into the Dominator, the massive Chellish pirate hunter the crew fled from long ago. Sazen causes the water under the ship to sink and nearly capsizes the entire thing single handedly. It was pretty badass. Zane turns invisble and rakes the ship’s deck with lightning, killing almost all of the crew above deck including most of the officers. Irontoe the Hippopotamus and Taz’dingo maul the captain while Sazen keeps everyone alive. The surviving crew all take cover below deck from Zane’s lightning fireballs, so Zane summons ball lightnings below deck to mop up the rest. Brukka eats a sandwich. The party takes the awesome warship as a prize.

The crew also stumble upon a small courier ship that surrenders immediate after its officers all teleport away. 20 crew join and much plunder is had.

The Dragon’s Hoard then returns to Port Peril to sell its loot and do some extra recruitment. Zane gets a good price and Sazen convinces lots of crew to join, especially once they see that this is the crew that took down the Dominator.


Adventure Log - 8/30

Brukka is awarded the deed to the Isle of Empty Isles and challenged with the task of taming it in 4 months to prove he deserves a seat on the pirate council. The party is introduced to Irontoe, a rocky looking bartender druid who accepts a position as the new ship’s cook.

After the celebration party, the Dragon’s Hoard decides to engage in some good ol’ fashioned piracy. First they attack an old ship carrying ore, but they immediately surrender after recognizing Captain Brukka and being terrified of Raest breaking the back of one of his own crew. The crew loots 5 points of plunder. After that the crew finds another ship of much higher quality but it gets away.

Eventually the crew finds a ship that looks to be adrift with a dead body laid out in the center. The ship is blindingly magical and covered in loot. It appears to be a burial ship to honor the dead that served in Mendev. Zane flies out and tries to pick up a magic rapier, but the sail of the ship releases a blinding flash of light and declares the transgressing pirates must be punished. The crew is suddenly assaulted by hound archons and greater flying archons. Brukka and Sazen are knocked unconscious. Zane flies around invisible burning things since they’re immune to his electricity. Irontoe whacks things as a stegosaurus then turns into a happy hippopotamus to whack things. Raest is killed, and the crew places him on the burial ship which (after being looted) floats up to heaven, hopefully sneaking Raest in such that whatever God rewarded the dead didn’t notice.

Adventure Log 7/26

Brukka recruits Zane the Arcbrand as the new gunnery officer from a tavern along with an expert carpenter dwarf named Fix-It Felix (Hammerhands) to be the new ship’s carpenter. Cogs is promoted to navigator and Croops is promoted to first mate as Sandara has vanished. Badger takes Croops’ place as cook. After, the Dragon’s Hoard heads for the Regatta!

-Brukka easily pulls out to a lead at the start despite the Master of Gales creating difficult wind conditions
-Sazen flies ahead of the ship with a conch earing to help identify sandbars and coral reefs
-Ship can’t dodge bad currents, but Brukka does good job making up time
-A giant sea turtle eats a ship near the iris. The Dragon’s Hoard delays a bit to let another ship go first, then navigates the rocks successfully and avoids the beast
-Ship has huge hull breach, Zane casts Fabricate and Felix assists with craft check
-Lightning strikes the foremast and burns some of the sails. Zane climbs up and casts Make Whole to fix the sails. He then tries to study the storm and purposefully gets himself struck by lightning in the pursuit of knowledge.
-The ship is attacked by a greater lightning elemental. Zane attempts to fly up and talk to it but is knocked unconscious. Sazen heals him, then he and Raest toast and smash him into smithereens. Brukka keeps the ship on course.
-The crew pulls out of the Eye ahead of the Wormwood but is attacked by two invisible stalkers. Brukka holds them down while Zane zaps them and Raest smashes them. Sazen keeps everyone alive and helps pilot the ship along with Croops.

The Dragon’s Hoard wins the race! A ceremony is held by the Master of Gales presenting Brukka with a seat on the pirate council and also the deed to the Isle of Empty Eyes.

Adventure Log - 7/12

With the ship newly renovated in preparation for the race, Serin and D’vinn propose to make one more update: to destroy The Chair. Raest brings their plan to the captain’s attention and Bruka strikes back against Serin and D’vinn, but they knock him out in seconds. Sendara goes berserk on D’vinn with her flaming sword and only calms down when she jumps into the ocean in pursuit of him. She drags him back on deck. Serin threatens to kill Bruka and gets paralyzed. He escapes before the crew can complete the capture. Sendara orders the chair destroyed before waking Bruka. D’vinn laters disappears in the night, and the gunnery crew knows nothing about it. Nothing.

Adventure Log - 6/28

Serin uses the bathroom because he had too many tacos. D’vinn enters an evil demon poop den and then vomits everywhere. Then everyone else also vomits and are attacked by poop demons. After that a cat snake demon pounces Serin then Raest smashes its skull in. After, the Band of Eight are convinced to join the crew. The party brings the evidence of a spy ring back to Tessa Fairwind who rewards the party.

Adventure Log - 5/24

The party heads into the Jasper Leaf apothecary to ask about their leads. The guards are uncooperative so the party decides to slaughter everyone in sight. Serin is dealt 50 damage by kittens and 10 more by a flying fish. The guards surrender, then the party tries to get into the alchemist’s lab and is hit by traps. The party has an extended battle with a flying invisible hasted stone alchemist but manages to come out on top.

Adventure Log - 5/9

The party heads to Hell’s Harbor to find more information. The proprietor of the local opera house provides some information that the infernal opera is an encoded message commanding someone to watch the comings and goings of any local ships, in particular for The Master of Gales, the Lord of Drenchport. The party then tries to track down Corlin the Tengu. Right as they find him however someone shoots him in the back and kills him! The party is unable to catch the killer but Serin at least determines that whoever got away from the scene was an urban ranger with exceptional track-hiding skills. Sazen discovers that the Deathblade poison was used on the lethal crossbow bolts and the crowd reveal that Corlin worked with Pike at Drenchport.

The party pays for a Speak with Dead spell and asks the dead Corlin the name of someone who was involved in Pike’s business and he names Jasperleaf. D’vinn discovers that Jasperleaf is a famous apothecary in Port Peril. The party takes some time to build infamy and recruit crew, then sails to Port Peril.

Days Passed: 9 (including sailing to Port Peril)

Adventure Log - 4/19

A fog cloud appears around the ship as the Dragon’s Hoard hits a mystery inviso-rock. Serin has the idea of using the party’s magic Pirate Powers to raise the water level and slide the ship back off what it hit. Sazen flies up into the air and discovers that the ship is actually in the middle of a reef and the Dragon’s Hoard is being boarded from the sea. A huge battle breaks out. The enemy captain flying in the air manages to cast fear on the entire ship, but Serin expends a hero point use the Pirate Magic Heroism to rally the crew back. More fighting happens, the crew gets the upper hand, and D’vinn roasts Vakarla in the air with lightning bolts. Serin makes a magic treasure map of Vakarla’s skin and it leads the party to her secret stash in their nearby hidden base.

The Dragon’s Hoard returns to the House of Stolen Kisses (guarding their kisses carefully) to return the relic. The head priestess points the party to Jaymiss Kleft in Drenchport to learn more about the Chellish spies. Before they leave, the party gets some information on Brukka’s Curse and learns they need to destroy the chair and soak it in holy water to cure him.

Jaymiss points the party to <intelligible name="true"> who lives at <intelligible name="true">. The party wastes some time then goes and visits him but finds him a week dead. Serin tries to speak to his pet piranha but he was very unhelpful. The party finds clues of a carving of a Tengu and sheet music of a Chellish opera written in Infernal.

Days passed: 14

Adventure Log - 3/22

The party sales to Beni Hanas to inquire about the wreckers they are seeking. Brukka manages to step in it thanks to his megalomania curse, but after meandering around a bit the party sneaks in instead. The party asks around the local tavern and learns about a nearby coast where ships have been disappearing. The next morning, the party decides to fake trying to sell some hot goods while D’vinn has a thought reading spell active to try to learn something about their target. Unfortunately the port authority negotiator catches on to their ruse and a group of 11 guards tries to arrest the party, prompting the party to go Raest on those poor fools.

The PCs tear through the guards easily but the guards begin ringing a city-wide alarm and the room catches on fire. The party escapes onto the docks in an attempt to flee, manages to get into the water, and sneaks away under the small boat they came in.

The party decides to act on the information they received about ships disappearing near a certain coast. It doesn’t take too long for them to find a small merchant ship that attempts to sail away. The Dragon’s Hoard gives chase eventually runs into a reef and grinds to a halt.

Days Spent: 1


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