Skull and Shackarrs

Adventure Log - 7/24

After taking the Man’s Promise the Wormwood celebrates with a large party. Captain Harrigan welcomes most of the crew of the Man’s Promise to their new life of piracy and throws one poor unwilling sailor to the sharks. A skeleton crew is selected to handle the Man’s Promise by Mr. Plugg (see wiki).

During the party, D’vinn steals from the quartermaster, Serin unsuccessfully tries to keep D’vinn out of trouble, Sazen steals from the deceased Tilly, Brukka enjoys some hog tossing, and Raest tries to make friends.

The celebration ends and the Man’s Promise sets sail. Mr. Plugg works the crew raw every day. Raest attends Mr. Plugg’s secret meeting and learns of Mr. Plugg’s plan to steal the ship and sail against Captain Harrigan’s standing orders. The party attempts to come up with a plan for mutiny.

Raest and Brukka put on a wrestling show for the crew. After some convincing by the party, Serin manages to get the two Rahadoumi sailors to promise their allegiance, but he is left unconvinced of their motives. Serin also falls overboard during a storm but manages to swim back onto the ship.

During the storm the ship is attacked by 6 grindylow. Raest smashes one flat and is almost knocked overboard, but Serin helps pull him back up. D’vinn incinerates most of the surviving grindylow. Sandara and Barefoot Sam go missing during the fight.

Adventure Log - 7/21

D’vinn performed an arcane ritual with Peppery which produced a strange seaweed-etched locket and a great deal of appreciation from Peppery. Serin Shorehunter, a Merfolk Wave Warden, joined the crew with a warning from Peppery that he and D’vinn were linked by the locket.

Frank hosted a party on the upper deck. A fight broke out with some uninvited guests and D’vinn shot an unfriendly pirate. The captain sentenced him to keelhauling. Serin secretly swam under the ship with him and saved his life.

Frank was tasked with bilge duty with Jaundice Jape and Fipps. After being stripped of his weapons, Frank was slain by Jaundice and Fipps who were both armed with daggers. It appears Scourge planned this.

The Wormwood attacked a trading vessel. The party, with Conchobhar replacing Frank, boarded the ship and succeeded in their assigned mission to prevent anyone from reaching the lifeboats. Serin also warned the captain of an enemy sailor attempting to attack him from behind. The party personally managed to capture several minor sailors and one officer alive.

Our location

We are probably somewhere west of the mwangi expanse, probably trying to intercept a trade ship.

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