Skull and Shackarrs

Adventure Log - 7/12

With the ship newly renovated in preparation for the race, Serin and D’vinn propose to make one more update: to destroy The Chair. Raest brings their plan to the captain’s attention and Bruka strikes back against Serin and D’vinn, but they knock him out in seconds. Sendara goes berserk on D’vinn with her flaming sword and only calms down when she jumps into the ocean in pursuit of him. She drags him back on deck. Serin threatens to kill Bruka and gets paralyzed. He escapes before the crew can complete the capture. Sendara orders the chair destroyed before waking Bruka. D’vinn laters disappears in the night, and the gunnery crew knows nothing about it. Nothing.

Adventure Log - 6/28

Serin uses the bathroom because he had too many tacos. D’vinn enters an evil demon poop den and then vomits everywhere. Then everyone else also vomits and are attacked by poop demons. After that a cat snake demon pounces Serin then Raest smashes its skull in. After, the Band of Eight are convinced to join the crew. The party brings the evidence of a spy ring back to Tessa Fairwind who rewards the party.

Adventure Log - 5/24

The party heads into the Jasper Leaf apothecary to ask about their leads. The guards are uncooperative so the party decides to slaughter everyone in sight. Serin is dealt 50 damage by kittens and 10 more by a flying fish. The guards surrender, then the party tries to get into the alchemist’s lab and is hit by traps. The party has an extended battle with a flying invisible hasted stone alchemist but manages to come out on top.

Adventure Log - 5/9

The party heads to Hell’s Harbor to find more information. The proprietor of the local opera house provides some information that the infernal opera is an encoded message commanding someone to watch the comings and goings of any local ships, in particular for The Master of Gales, the Lord of Drenchport. The party then tries to track down Corlin the Tengu. Right as they find him however someone shoots him in the back and kills him! The party is unable to catch the killer but Serin at least determines that whoever got away from the scene was an urban ranger with exceptional track-hiding skills. Sazen discovers that the Deathblade poison was used on the lethal crossbow bolts and the crowd reveal that Corlin worked with Pike at Drenchport.

The party pays for a Speak with Dead spell and asks the dead Corlin the name of someone who was involved in Pike’s business and he names Jasperleaf. D’vinn discovers that Jasperleaf is a famous apothecary in Port Peril. The party takes some time to build infamy and recruit crew, then sails to Port Peril.

Days Passed: 9 (including sailing to Port Peril)

Adventure Log - 4/19

A fog cloud appears around the ship as the Dragon’s Hoard hits a mystery inviso-rock. Serin has the idea of using the party’s magic Pirate Powers to raise the water level and slide the ship back off what it hit. Sazen flies up into the air and discovers that the ship is actually in the middle of a reef and the Dragon’s Hoard is being boarded from the sea. A huge battle breaks out. The enemy captain flying in the air manages to cast fear on the entire ship, but Serin expends a hero point use the Pirate Magic Heroism to rally the crew back. More fighting happens, the crew gets the upper hand, and D’vinn roasts Vakarla in the air with lightning bolts. Serin makes a magic treasure map of Vakarla’s skin and it leads the party to her secret stash in their nearby hidden base.

The Dragon’s Hoard returns to the House of Stolen Kisses (guarding their kisses carefully) to return the relic. The head priestess points the party to Jaymiss Kleft in Drenchport to learn more about the Chellish spies. Before they leave, the party gets some information on Brukka’s Curse and learns they need to destroy the chair and soak it in holy water to cure him.

Jaymiss points the party to <intelligible name="true"> who lives at <intelligible name="true">. The party wastes some time then goes and visits him but finds him a week dead. Serin tries to speak to his pet piranha but he was very unhelpful. The party finds clues of a carving of a Tengu and sheet music of a Chellish opera written in Infernal.

Days passed: 14

Adventure Log - 3/22

The party sales to Beni Hanas to inquire about the wreckers they are seeking. Brukka manages to step in it thanks to his megalomania curse, but after meandering around a bit the party sneaks in instead. The party asks around the local tavern and learns about a nearby coast where ships have been disappearing. The next morning, the party decides to fake trying to sell some hot goods while D’vinn has a thought reading spell active to try to learn something about their target. Unfortunately the port authority negotiator catches on to their ruse and a group of 11 guards tries to arrest the party, prompting the party to go Raest on those poor fools.

The PCs tear through the guards easily but the guards begin ringing a city-wide alarm and the room catches on fire. The party escapes onto the docks in an attempt to flee, manages to get into the water, and sneaks away under the small boat they came in.

The party decides to act on the information they received about ships disappearing near a certain coast. It doesn’t take too long for them to find a small merchant ship that attempts to sail away. The Dragon’s Hoard gives chase eventually runs into a reef and grinds to a halt.

Days Spent: 1

Adventure Log - 3/1

The crew is summoned to meet Tessa Fairwind of the pirate council. Tessa asks for proof that the Chelliax are planning a major invasion of the Shackles. She suggests consulting either the priestesses of Calistrea or the priests of Norgurbur to discover more.

Calistrian Temple: wants Lady’s Sting, a ship that likely was sunnk by a pirate named Vakarla off the SE Rampore Isles.
Norgorber Temple: Wants secret of Brine Banshee, which disappeared a few months ago.

Days Passed: 10

Adventure Log - 2/15

The crew is invited to attend a feast at the Hurricane King’s place to tell their story and prove why they deserve a letter a mark. Raest and D’vinn arrange for a sneaky band to play music for the party’s entrance. Serin tells a story of the party defeating an undead fleet and a Chellish marine fleet, D’vinn tells a story of the party defeating the Sahuagin king, and Sazen shows off the zombified corpse of the captain that crossed her. Meanwhile, Raest deals with hecklers the best way he knows how.

The party receives their letters of mark and celebrate with some shopping followed by a relaxing night at an inn. At the inn, a handsome rogue (who was actually a free captain) hits on Sazen and gets shut down brutally. I know that feel, bro. Serin notices the old cabin girl from Harrigan’s ship attempting to drug some poor inn customers presumably to pressgang them into Harrigan’s service. A fight breaks out and the woman almost gets away but the party manages to seize her and knock her out. Sazen refuses to take one for the team by leading the friendly free captain on a little and he disappears.

Back aboard the ship, the crew tries to figure out what to do with Harrigan’s cabin girl. Serin comes up with the idea of infecting her with half a dozen slow onsetting diseases without her knowledge and sending her back to Harrigan, but the rest of the party fails to recognize his genius. In the end the party decides to let her join the crew as a cabin girl for the gunnery gang.

Finally, the party shares a communal dream of getting absolutely crushed by Captain Harrigan in a fight.

The party fought Captain Harrigan and TPKed.

Brukka’s corpse has 11k additional gold.

Adventure Log - 1/11

Bruka decides to sit on the super magic throne while wearing the deep platinum crown because he’s suicidally brave. After apparently nothing happens, the crew returns to the ship to try to figure out a repair strategy. Captain Brukka orders a jolly boat deconstructed to be used as timber for the repair. After some time, the Dragon’s Hoard sets sail for a nearby port.

Just out of the cove, the ship is attacked by the Thresher. The new captain, Knuckles, boards the and attacks the crew but is quickly defeated. He and his crew surrender their ship and services.

After limping to Ushinawa Isles, the crew helps the town defeat an evil witch to earn their favor enough that they would help to repair the ship. While the ship is repaired the party boasts of their success and recruits new crew from the local prison. D’vinn visits a local seer for help figuring out the throne and swirling chaos necklace and receives a dire warning about their cursed magic which he relays to the officers. The Dragon’s Hoard sails for Port Peril, but during the journey Serin calls a meeting with most of the other officers (except Sandara and Bruka) to discuss Bruka’s recent meglomaniacal behavior. Raest walks out in disgust but most of the rest of the officers agree that Brukka should seek help at Port Peril in case he is afflicted.

Arriving in Port Peril, Brukka arranges for a bribe to be sent to Tsadok Goldtooth to attain a letter of mark so they can be officially recognized pirates. Tsadok arrives the next morning and demand the crew be put to “The Test.” First is the rigging competition. Brukka volunteers and is easily winning at first due to his slippers of spider climbing. As he’s unfurling the sails, however, Tsadok cheats and manages to knock Brukka all the way into the water. Brukka runs up the side of the boat and horizontally straight up the mast and still manages to win. Next is the test of luck which Serin volunteers for to trick the gullible human gambler. D’vinn sneaks behind Serin’s opponent and uses the conch of walkie talkie to constantly tell Serin his hand. Serin thus wins with ease. Finally the officers participate in the test of steel. A giant humanoid is lowered in a cage, summons a cloud of fog, and begins throwing rocks at the crew. Fish Pork, the giant, dies quickly and the crowd is impressed. Tsadok announces that the crew will be awarded their letter of mark.

Days passed: 19

Adventure Log - 1/4

The party attempts to secure their half-wrecked ship on the cove’s sandbar. D’vinn figures out the map’s riddle refers to the lost right eye of the old deceased captain. The party walks in the wrong eye because the DM is a [redacted by order of the Pirate Council] but manages to find and disarm a nasty trap. The party then enters the correct eye and finds a small opening that they send Fipps through first. After digging they discover an old wooden structure leading down to a water filled sinkhole. The party is forced to grab Sandara from the ship to provide underwater light so they can explore into the sinkhole. Venturing forth, the party is ambushed by sahuagin, but they don’t last long.

The party finds a strange unconscious elf in a cavern with a pocket of air. After learning she comes from a family of nobles, the captain decides to bring her along to ransom her later, however the party quickly discovers the elf named Adelheid is quite capable of defending herself.

As the group continues on they blow through some inconsequential groups of sahuagin before finding a loose rock with what appears to be the treasure they were searching for. However, as they begin examining the treasure they came for, they are attacked by a giant sahuagin queen. Serin and Adel kill her almost immediately.

Further in the party finds an evil temple with a four armed priest and his concubines. After a hard battle in which Brukka is nearly killed the party comes out on top. The crew discovers a Locathah which Serin is quick to help retrieve her young and escape.

Next the group finds a crypt behind an animal pen. Inside is the corpse of what appears to be a long-deceased captain. As Serin approaches to investigate, the corpse springs to unlife and attacks. Many members of the party are paralyzed and Serin is very nearly killed. The party barely overcomes the monster.

What was up with those chests?
What was up with that crypt?
Who was the captain?
What’s up with that throne?
Make sure tortured legless breeding Locathah is okay and help her.


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