Level Two Notes


Brukka -

What you took to be Sandara’s over-enthusiasm during love making was actually an elaborate Besmaran tattoo ritual she was practicing upon you. Emblazoned across your back is a crude but strangely lifelike image of an octopus. Its tentacles writhe with terrible intent as your walk, but beat an entirely different pattern lying down…

When you are not otherwise hampered, this tattoo grants you the effect of a freedom-of-movement spell while swimming. In addition you can hold your breath without making a constitution check for 20 rounds under normal conditions.

Sazen -

Your beneficence and good deeds aboard the Wormwood have not gone unnoticed. The crew, those who don’t hate you, have come to see you as a good-luck charm. Something about you makes you respected without being feared. Beneath your mask the feral smile grows ever wider.

When you are dealing with pirates, gain a + 2 to all social interactions. In addition, you may heal a character of all subdual damage once per day as a supernatural ability, or apply the effect of Enlarge Spell to one healing spell (+ 50% to healing rolled).

Frank -

Many hours working, and hiding from Scourge, have honed your abilities. Despite Master Scourge’s best efforts you’ve survived and even flourished in an environment inimical to you. Even the riggers who hate you show a grudging respect for your comfort in their lofty realm.

Treat stealth as a class ability. In addition, any climbing checks involving rope may be made using your Profession(Sailor) modifier with a +2 bonus. Finally you gain a +2 to survival and perception roles related to being on lookout (identifying incoming weather, far away ships, underwater threats, etc.)

D’Vinn -

A strange mutual friendship with the man Cogs has awoken skills and training dormant for many years. The company aboard the Wormwood has hardened your body, while tempering your soul. You find a new strength and flexibility to wield against those who stand in your way.

Your CMB and CMD have improved by +1. When fighting with Cog these bonuses improve to +2. In addition you can safely wield your gun as a MW Club, gaining an additional +2 proficiency bonus to attack. Finally your air of mystery has a strange attraction for pirate women and men. You gain +2 when trying to seduce or otherwise persuade a pirate.


Level Two Notes

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