Skull and Shackarrs

The Zigguraut and The Black Tower

Nasty Stuff

Inside the cyclopean temple we encountered a pair of sealed doors, behind which awaited several abyssal horrors known as qlippoths. These monsters corrupted the remains of two cyclopes and 18 human slaves interred in the temple crypts. Two human sarcophagi showed no signs of break-in and were opened naturally. One cyclopean sarcophagus was undisturbed and instead contained a demi-lich.

After defeating all of the above, with the regrettable loss of Iron Toe and Taz’dingo. we discovered a chamber with an active portal to the abyss. Snakeface was able to remove the abyssal taint long enough for us to loot the treasure, but the portal remains open in the lower chambers of the temple. We also discovered an eerie carved scene of the cyclopes and slaves leading a demon looking like Sandara up to the top of the zigguraut.

We then returned to Besmara’s Throne to resurrect Iron Toe and Taz. Sandara managed to recruit a squadron while we were gone, Queen Bes’s Own!

From there we sought more fame by recovering the legendary sword Aiger’s Kiss. We sailed to the Black Tower Isle and defeated the monster trapped within. It was another Qlippoth, the biggest yet! We sent that beast back to the Abyss and removed the sword from a massive stone set into the tower floor. From the hole where the sword had been, I could hear wispering voices. I recognized the names Sandara, Kerdrok, and several cyclopean sounding names. We recovered the sword and Aiger’s body, only to find that our ship had been captured by Aiger’s own son, Capt. Barracuda Aiger. We traded away our hard-earned sword for the return of our ship & crew and Aiger’s allegiance in the coming war with Cheliax.



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