Skull and Shackarrs

Adventure Log - 3/14

Taz’Dingo wastes a whole lot of time and money on 50,000 feet of barbed rope.

Brukka drops off Sandara at Besmara’s Throne to start recruiting a fleet.

Taz’Dingo starts tracking down where to find a dragon to kill, first visiting a rare beast trainer then a rare meat seller. Taz’Dingo makes a deal with the rare meat seller for the vendor to lead the party to the dragon in exchange for half the “meat.” The meat vendor leads the party to the dragon’s lair. After buffing up, the party attacks! Snakeface takes 220 hp worth of damage but had another 210 to give. Snakeface, Taz’Dingo, and Brukka basically just distract the dragon until Sazen and Irontoe literally two shot it.



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