Skull and Shackarrs

Adventure Log - 2/21

Our hero, Snakeface, wakes up in the middle of a battle of Sophina and manages to win it by bravely waving his rod of wonder around at random. Taz’Dingo is a total downer though and blows up Snakeface for punching Sophina. Sophina reveals an infiltrator stole her shawl that was everything to her and sabotaged the ships. The pirate council representatives’ ships are slightly exploded. Snakeface scryes the location of the infiltrator, Sazen reveals his invisibility, and Snakeface encases him in gridirons. He is the Eel, and after revealing he was hired by Captain Harrigan to humiliate the party, the party executes him by making him walk the plank into appropriately eel infested waters.

The party flies to Port Peril and attends a party thrown by Tessa Fairwind. Next the party goes to attend a pirate council meeting.
-Yes on party gets full share of tithe
-No on building statues
-No on salvage rights
-No on declaring outlaw
-Yes on Chellish investigation

Tessa sends the party a snail mail.



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